About Us

We offer a range of activities centred on exposing artists from all art forms to the enormous challenges of climate change, working in tandem with the scientists at the forefront of the subject. TippingPoint’s role is to be a catalyst and to find new ways of increasing the level of engagement of artists in this complex issue.

TippingPoint is network-based organisation aiming to be a year round ‘connector’ of the arts and climate science worlds. At the heart of our work is an international programme of two-day gatherings where artists and scientists participate in an informal but intense series of meetings and exercises to provoke and engender collaborative thinking and creative work. We also offer points of engagement through one off events, conferences and public debates.

We launched the TippingPoint Commissions in 2009 – an open invitation to artists to propose performative work that in some way embraces climate change.  A total of ten works have now been commissioned – see the Commissions section of this site.

This photo illustrates one of our international events – held in the spectacular dome of the Grosser Refraktor in Potsdam, Germany.