3rd Ring Out

The temperature is rising, the Earth is changing and your city is threatened. How will you respond? This is a story in which YOU decide what happens next. Imagining a world in which nature takes revenge on industrial humanity, 3rd Ring Out takes you forward in time to an emergency planning rehearsal set in a range of locations throughout the UK.

3rd Ring Out toured the UK during 2010. See their website for details of performances.
Metis Arts is a performing arts company/network, set up to pursue interdisciplinary projects using extensive research to engage with contemporary concerns, and to explore innovative forms of connecting with audiences.  Based in Cambridge the company’s previous work, The Bunker Project, explored hidden war spaces and Cold War rehearsals. Metis Arts is Zoe Svendsen, Simon Daw, Angel Brown, Carolyn Downing, Jonathan Goodacre and James Erskine.

BREAKING NEWS: 3rd Ring Out coming to a town near you from Metis Arts on Vimeo.