My Last Car

by 509 Arts

In My Last Car I have loved and lost, shouted and whispered. I have taken great journeys to mysterious places like ASDA and the Far North. I have sat in My Last Car in the rain unable to get out until a track has finished playing. I have picked up children from school, helped friends move house, driven newborn babies from hospital and cried on hard shoulders. My Last Car is my friend and helper, my guardian, my other place. It is home to secret intimacies, broken promises, laughter and belonging. So let’s give My Last Car one last ride that takes in the past and looks to the future. Let’s unpick all the histories and stories and comings and goings and lay them out for everyone to see. Let’s look at washers and cogs and panels and birthday rides and rain on the windscreen in November and sump oil and broken headlights.

My last car received a £15,000 award from the 2011 TippingPoint Commissions

Following a residency at Warwick Arts Centre in October 2011 My Last Car currently has two further engagements:

Bentham, North Yorkshire

Bentham is a busy market town and home to the innovative Pioneer Projects – an arts and health organisation serving the many rural communities of North Yorkshire and Lancashire.

01 May 2012 – 01 June 2012

Ryedale Folk Museum

My Last Car will be in residence at the Ryedale Folk Museum in July and August 2012.

26 July 2012 – 11 August 2012