A Beautiful Thing

by Barnaby Stone

A Beautiful Thing is about understanding where things come from and how things can always be transformed into something else – up-cycled, cross-cycled or re-cycled. It is about adaptability in the face of difficulty and how that capacity is and always has been part of the crafts person’s art. In each performance an ancient oak beam rests, iconic in the middle of the space. Five skilled artisans apply themselves to it like surgeons in an operating theatre. As the layers are pared away so are the stories in its history. What unfolds will be an exquisite feast of industry, theatre, music and dance. The performance will be developed and directed by Barnaby Stone and will be co-produced by Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) with the support of the National Trust East Midlands.


In September 2011, A Beautiful Thing was performed as a scratch performance at Battersea Arts Centre

Awarded £15,000 in January 2011.