Funeral for a Lost Species

by Feral Theatre

With a keen eye on the patterns and drivers of extinction this elegant project combines visual art, performance and participatory workshops to explore responses to loss of species, places, and cultures resulting from human intervention. Through the creation of a beautiful, magical graveyard in which takes place the funeral for the very last individual of a species, visitors of all ages will be able to reflect on some of the stories of extinct species and fathom the complexities of extinction. Who has come to offer a eulogy – to celebrate its life? Who might be implicated in its death?


Funeral for a Lost Species was premiered at the Brighton Festival Fringe in May 2011. You can join Feral Theatre for Remembrance for Lost Species on Sunday 12 November 2011 at various locations around the world

Funeral for a Lost Species received £5,000 in January 2011.