Technicalities on the form

The project from is intended to be self-explanatory, but just in case…..

Project Category: this list is deliberately fairly short, not to mention old-fashioned; please use the form most relevant, and it is only possible to select one.  We may add others in due course.

Start Date: we use the format dd/mm/yyyy – people from the US please note.

End Date: if the project is still in production or has a future life, choose a date well into the future for this.

Project Country: some work tours internationally; please use the country of origin.

Project City: you can add as many cities as you like, comma separated; if an international project it may result in city and country not matching – irritating, but not disastrous.

Project Tags: this is of course a very powerful feature for searching.  We’d suggest you don’t use too many tags, say not more than half a dozen.  Note that tags are case-sensitive, so try and  use existing spellings.  We are trying hard to start tags with Capitals, and if the tag has more than one word second or more words are capitalised if important.

Description: please keep this relatively simple and short.  Don’t forget that we are providing a link to the project web site, which is where all the detail, including links to comments or reviews, can lie.  Also, at the current (mid 2012) stage we are not aiming to offer critical or evaluatory comments.

Images: you can provide up to four.  The system will compress very large files by itself, but it will take a while to upload, so using  web resolution from the outset makes sense.

Personal Information: this is not displayed with the project details, it is just for internal use.

Captcha – the thing that asks ‘Are you human?’:  this is quite tough to read – and if you have misread it all your work will sadly be lost – sorry!  If you are not sure what it is saying there is a squiggle at the top of the little red box that will give you another one.

OK? Enter a project here.

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